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Boxed gift set of six round and one oval Earthmarks garden markers
Herb Garden Gift Collection

Our 30 Most Popular
Herb Garden Markers

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Italian Parsley
Sweet Basil
Lemon Balm
Lemon Thyme
Curly Parsley
Flat Leaf Parsley
French Tarragon
Chocolate Mint
Greek Oregano
Thai Basil
Garlic Chives

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer custom herb garden markers?
Yes, custom Earthmarks herb garden markers are available.  Click here for more information.
Are the stakes included, or do I order them separately?
A solid brass stake is included with each Earthmarks herb garden marker ordered at no additional charge.  We also sell them separately for those who wish to purchase additional brass stakes.
Will the stakes ever rust?
No.  Our stakes are made of solid brass and simply cannot rust.  Over time, they age gracefully and they may acquire an attractive verdigris patina (particularly if sprayed with a liquid fertilizer such as Miracle-Gro® and left to dry).  If you should ever want to clean the stake, use a household copper or brass cleaner.
My clay pots are made of terra cotta and they usually don't last through our severe winters.  How can your herb garden markers be "completely weatherproof"?
While our herb garden markers have the same attractive color and appearance of terra cotta, they are actually made of much more durable stoneware clay.  The terra cotta in your clay pots is very porous and readily absorbs water.  When the water freezes, it expands, causing minute cracks in the clay.  After repeated freeze/thaw cycles, the cracks get larger, and eventually crack the entire pot.  Since our herb garden markers are designed to be far less absorbent, they are unaffected by freeze/thaw weather cycles (we even proved it in a stress test where we froze/thawed the same marker over 1000 times!).
What should I use to clean my herb garden marker if one becomes soiled?
Earthmarks herb garden markers clean up beautifully with soap and water.  The verdigris patina finish is fired on, so don't be afraid to scrub them with a dishwashing brush.  We don't recommend cleaning our herb garden markers in a dishwasher, however; the marker is small and may fly around in the dishwasher, causing damage.
What should I use to write on a blank marker and will it be permanent?
The most fade-proof marker is a paint marker (e.g. Sharpie Paint®) and the results are permanent!  Paint markers are available at art supply stores.  A fine-point permanent ink marker (e.g. Sharpie®) works very well, although it will fade a little in direct sun.  For less-permanent results, use non-permanent markers or graphite pencils.
Do you sell your herb garden markers wholesale?
Sorry, we are not accepting wholesale orders at this time.
Do you really look like Brad Pitt?
Yes, but only from certain angles and from great distances (I also look a little like Margaret Thatcher under those same conditions, so don't get too excited).
Are your herb garden markers guaranteed?
Yes they are!  If you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase, let us know the nature of the problem so we can make it right.




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New for 2014

Italian Marjoram


New for 2013

French Sorrel
Mexican Tarragon
Poblano Pepper


New for 2012

Hens and Chicks
Broccoli Raab


New for 2011

English Cucumber
Boxwood Basil
White Onions
Yellow Onions


New for 2010

Patty Pan Squash
Heirloom Tomato
Pole Bean
Pesto Basil
Mammoth Basil
Small Leaf Basil
Red Potato
Yellow Bell


New for 2009

Flat Leaf Parsley
Four O'Clocks
Mojito Mint
Spaghetti Squash


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